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Project Description
Zazzle Store .Net is a simple ASP.NET MVC application which lists your zazzle store products on your own website. This store is modelled after the ZStore sample code offered by Zazzle (which is in PHP).

Note: The current version is in classic (using .Net 4.0), while the next release of this store will run on MVC3 with Razor. The current version is also extremely simple - just a single page of Zazzle products are listed from the zazzle feed. No detail pages or caching is currently provided. The new MVC3 will also include many of these enhanced features.

Zazzle Store for .Net is a great way to sell tshirts on your ASP.Net website. This code is part of the Amazify project, and is based at . Amazify is part of Setiri LLC at If you need a custom .Net zazzle application created, Setiri can assist you with developing this.

To see a demo of the store, visit the amazify link and find the "Demo" link from there.

You can also see an example of an enhanced store based from this code at

Also, an example of a further enhanced MVC based store is available here:  - this is closer to what the final version will look like.

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